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20 Fetterly Way

Taylor Farm

Luxury abounds at this spacious 3 bedroom raised bungalow in the Taylor Farm development alongside the Assiniboine River in Headingley. This home is professionally landscaped and includes a stone and acrylic exterior finish with a triple car garage.

We visited your new Show Home in Royalwood and were very impressed. I did however notice a feature that is standard in your homes that was not included in ours. I did not realize until I visited the home on Eastoak, but as soon as I saw it, I realized that it was missing from my house. This item should be easy for you to come down and install. Of course I am speaking of the swimming pool with the waterfall in the back yard. Maybe it is something that you have to wait until the end of summer to install, kind of like waiting for the frost to thaw in order to do the driveway?

I am kidding. The house is very impressive. I was however, immediately barred from entering because I still had my morning coffee in hand (it was noon on Sunday, as if anyone should be walking around without a coffee at that point). I vowed out loud to never buy a Gino’s home, then realized the hypocrisy of my statement and took my coffee outside. In a small moment of protest though, I noticed the sign that said if I entered the house with my shoes on that I would be fined $250, so I left my coffee outside, put my shoes on and took a step in. Good luck getting that 250 bucks from me. Homeowner 1, Builder 0.

All joking aside, the house on Eastoak is great as is the one in Sage Creek. We have not seen them all, but we will before the end of the parade. Most importantly, when we go around and see other show homes, it really makes us appreciate what we have. We have a very high quality home and the after service so far has been great. We are currently 3 years ahead of the pace from our previous build. Keep up the good work. We will let you know who wins our top prize in this year’s parade.

— Bruce

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